Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Morning

We made them wait til 7:00. Here they are waiting on the stairs to go see what Santa brought:
Trev was pretty excited :)
and of course Santa brought exactly what he wanted!He was probably equally excited about this present from his sister (who has been dying to give this to him!).

And the personally designed purple Converse (to go with his favorite purple jacket) were a big hit too!
(I'm just now realizing how this kid got everything he wanted for Christmas!) A new iPod, too!!!
That smart Santa brought Kierstyn exactly what she wanted too--an iPod dock....that changes colors. Ooooohhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!A bracelet, ponytail holders and a lava lamp(!) from her brothersEarrings!!!
She was so funny. When we were all done she set up/organized all her gifts on display which made for a nice picture.
Mr. Emotion gave us a little grin when he opened his electric razor. :)
The last present the kids opened was a poem....

Pack up your bags

Get ready to go

We’re taking a trip

To Or-lan-do!

Shop at the mall,

Spend Christmas cash

Visit with friends

We’ll have a big bash.

Play miniature golf,

Swim in the pool,

Plus 2 days at Disney--

Won’t that be cool?

Tomorrow afternoon

We’ll be on our way

Making fun memories

Hip, Hip Hooray!

So yeah, we surprised them with a trip to Orlando (pictures to come). I can't believe we were really able to keep it a secret!

And I was of course spoiled with lots of new clothes and a new camera!

Trying out the new camera:

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Mama Mary said...

So fun!!!!!!! Great posts, photos and comments. Just realizing that Kyler is just like his Dad at this age - not showing much emotion :>) Ky does have impeccable manners and I still get hugs and kisses, therefore, he is pretty awesome in my book!