Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taking matters into his own hands

One day this week found Trevin after school with nothing to do. Since cries of "I'm bored" usually get you extra chores around here Trevin decided to find his own means of entertainment. I had NO idea what he was doing outside until he came in to get me so I could see what he was working on.
To be fair, he did come in and ask if he could have this leftover pink board. He didn't, however, ask if he could use the drill. No worries though. I would have given him permission. :)
He was quite proud of his smiley face design. I was too so we hung it up on the garage wall so I can see it every time I pull the van in.


Meghan said...

That's hilarious! He is going to be just like his daddy- very handy.

Dawn, said...

gotta love creative kids!!