Monday, March 19, 2012

Boys v. Girls Weekend

Kelly, Kyler, Trevin & Grand-daddy headed to St. Louis for a Boys Only weekend. They went to watch the NCAA College Wrestling Championships... where Trevin obviously enjoyed Dippin' Dots (and was apparently slightly sleep-deprived) :)Trevin was excited when he got to "St. Louis-ville." Or was it "St. Louisiana"? (He had a little trouble remembering the exact name of the city.) He loved, loved, loved the arch, which he called "the arc". :)
He also liked this rather random statue, as well as the St. Patrick's Day parade. And then there was something about a naked lady (statue) in the water...On the way home they stopped in Metropolis, IL, for a Superman sighting.Or was that a SuperWoman sighting?!Kyler enjoying his cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory (and no, they didn't bring me any! Boo.)

But I guess that was ok. Because while the boys were off having their fun in St. Louis (and eating cheesecake without me!) Kierstyn and I were enjoying a fun Girls Weekend of our own. We started out with The Great Closet Cleanout of 2012 on Thursday night. 5 bags of clothes to donate + 1 bag of clothes for cousins + 1 bag of trash = room for more clothes!
See, just look at all that room!
On Friday we had a very successful shopping trip to Old Navy, dinner at Applebee's, Kierstyn's first volleyball practice of the season, DQ blizzards, & a movie!

Saturday morning we drove to Cleveland to watch one of Kierstyn's friends in a pageant. Interesting....
Then it was shopping, shopping, and more shopping for us. Oh, and of course a Shamrock Shake (since it was St. Patrick's Day). Whew! I was one tired mama when that day was over.
Kierstyn and I went to church together on Sunday and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather by reading on the front porch and going on a bike ride together while we waited for the boys to get home.

I'd say that was a fun weekend for everyone! But we're glad to all be back together again. :)


Mama Mary said...

Whoo-hoo!! Lots of fun for all. G-daddy was impressed with the amount of food that Kyler can consume! :>) His report of the boys weekend was awesome and I believe he is planning a trip to Iowa next year for this event :>)

Mary Kathryn said...

What a fun weekend!!! I can't wait to show Jake the pictures of Trevin in supermans body.