Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random thoughts...plus a picture!

We're moving! We (finally) got an offer on our house and we accepted so now it's on to the next adventure. I have approximately 4 weeks to finish purging (almost done) and packing (haven't started). This has been such a wonderful learning experience for our family so far. We have experienced firsthand the power of prayer and more importantly, we have learned to trust God to lead us on His timeline and not ours. I know there will be many things about moving that will be hard but for now everyone is super excited.

Kelly was out in Idaho last week trying to find us a place to live. We will be renting a (very) small house until we decide what we want to buy/build. I'm excited to have a smaller house but the idea of only having one bathroom is a bit questionable.

I have been teaching Activity Day Girls (a church activity night for girls ages 8-12--a little like Girl Scouts) since January and I will miss them when we move. I've never had this calling before but I have really enjoyed it for the short time I've worked with them. Last week I taught the girls how to sing a Primary song in Spanish. They amazed me with how fast and how well they learned it!

Trevin made the track team at school and will be running the 200m and 400m at the one-day county-wide track meet at the end of April. He went to his first after-school practice yesterday and I think he is more than a little excited.

My blog posts seem to be a bit Trevin-heavy as of late (with the exception of Kyler's birthday post). That's because Trev is usually the one asking me to take a picture of him. :) The other two are often not so willing. Kierstyn and Kyler were in the Chorus concert last night at school. I was able to take a couple pictures at home before the concert and I think they only obliged so that I wouldn't embarrass them at school.

Tonight we are going to the Southern Writers Award ceremony. Kierstyn is being recognized for a story she wrote about our beloved Mr. B.

I will try to remember to take pictures on Saturday of Trevin playing soccer and Kierstyn playing volleyball. They are both having a lot of fun. All the kids are signed up to play summer baseball when we get to Idaho. Should be interesting...

Ragnar training update: I have been following the training schedule pretty faithfully, missing a few days here and there. My IT band started acting up a couple weeks ago but I think it will hold up. I have even started looking forward to the days I run which is not a normal thing for me. Saturday runs are my favorite though because Kelly always goes with me.


Karen said...

Good luck with your move. What an adventure.

kg said...

I'm a little sad reading this post, but am excited for your 'adventure' and now we can start planning a girls weekend for Women's Conference, when is that? I love Ks hair!

Meghan said...

great pictures of the two k's :)

i'm sad about y'all moving, but excited to hear about your new adventures.