Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break/Easter weekend

We spent the first part of Spring Break at home. Kyler worked on his Citizenship in the Nation merit badge, went to the chiropractor (for his tense neck muscles...I guess being a teenager is stressful??), & saw The Hunger Games. I took Kierstyn & Trevin to the Children's Museum & we saw The Lorax. I visited a friend who had a new baby, helped the boys purge "stuff" in their room, we went to Chickamauga Battlefield, and did some babysitting.

Later in the week we headed up to Murfreesboro to visit with family. I helped my mom clean out her attic after which Kelly, Logan, & I took an unforgettable trip to the top of the soggy landfill--gross! The kids spent lots of time with their cousins which they loved.

My mom, Kierstyn, & I went to a community Easter church service on Saturday night while the rest of the Merediths gathered for dinner and Kyler's birthday celebration.
Easter morning
My new favorite picture :)

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Meghan said...

why oh why did you crop that picture????

I love them all! I missed the story about the soggy landfill. :)