Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our last week in Chatt-town

We packed a lot in our last few days in Chattanooga!
The last week of school was Spirit Week at Trevin's school.  They had Flip Flop Day, Team Spirit Day, Crazy Hair Day (pictured below), Step Up Day (where they go up to the next grade and meet the teachers), & Field Day.  
I picked up Trev from school a little early on Thursday and we went to the Aquarium one last time.  We wanted to see the new River Giants exhibit but we weren't too impressed.  Sharing a pretzel outside and walking the water steps afterwards were priceless though. 

Last picture taken at our "old" house

On Thursday night Kierstyn's friend Annie spent the night at the hotel with us.  The kids had fun swimming and then we went out to dinner with our friends, the Weems.

We also had a little fun down by the river. :)

On Friday Kelly and I enjoyed (yes, enjoyed!) our last long run through downtown Chattanooga.  Then it was off to close on our house and out to dinner with friends.  Trevin went home with his best friend Sam after school.  They went miniature golfing and then got to spend the night at the school library! (It was a reward for earning 100+ Accelerated Reading points.)  Kierstyn & Kyler got to hang out with the Ward kids.

Saturday was the kids' last games.  Kierstyn's volleyball game was first.  She's had a great season and really improved.  The gym at the Y is always FREEZING!  I finally learned my lesson and remembered to bring a jacket.  This week Trevin preferred to sit in the hallway and read his book.  Cutie!

Trevin had tournament games and unfortunately they were also short a player.  Trevin wasn't feeling his best (he'd been kind of sick all week) and it was tough to play with no subs AND a man short!  They played at noon and it was tied 1-1 at the end of the game so they had to go into overtime.  Luckily we scored quickly and won.  Their second game was at 2:00 and Trev was playing against several of his friends.  We were still a man short but Trevin played so, so hard.  We lost 1-0 but Trev was still happy enough to pose for some photos with his friends on the other team afterwards.

Killian & Trev

 Killian, Trev & Zander

With ballgames over it was time to head out of town.  But first we made one last stop downtown.

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