Friday, June 29, 2012

Idaho: 1 month

What I love about Idaho so far....

* Open windows and cool nights
* Kierstyn riding her bike to get the mail at the Post Office every day
* Lots of new friends
* Only having to clean 1 bathroom
* Trevin's mud hole
* Campfire in our driveway
* Not having to lock our doors
* Cookouts
* The low-key one-night-a-week-for-only-the-month-of-June baseball/softball league for kids


The Hales said...

I am glad that you love Idaho. I have been thinking that maybe, I could drive up to Burley and go to lunch with you sometime, it will have to be after school is in.

I love all those things that you posted also. I love living in a small town. Sent my two children to go to Sports camp on their bikes that is 2.5 miles away. I did not even worry about them. Love the FREEDOM and so do the KIDDO'S.

Mary Kathryn said...

Haha!! Yesterday I said I needed to go to the post office and Kierstyn said, "Why do you need to get your mail?" Made me smile. Kierstyn's favorite part about Idaho is the horses. :)

Mama Mary said...

Perfect! I love that you love Idaho ~ but, I KNEW you would love it and adjust in a heartbeat! OXOXO