Friday, November 30, 2012

November iPhone/Instagram photos

1. Kierstyn working on her YW bookmark
2. Writeoffs! (guess who?!)
3. & 4. Crazy rubber band configurations

1. House drawings
2. Sock surprise
3. Trevin's holey jeans
4. A little snow


Ahhhhhh....I just love taking pictures of this little guy sleeping.

Boise Temple Open House

1. Night sky
2. Puzzle is FINISHED!
3. Trevin & his friends "decorated" the trees for Thanksgiving 
by throwing busted pumpkin guts into the branches
4. An afternoon nap for another tired boy

1. Family 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning
2. Trevin's new "do"
3. Kelly & Scott hanging banners
4. An evening at home playing cards with my baby

Trip to Salt Lake/Provo for Lauren Ward's wedding!

Game Day: Kyler's first basketball game


Meghan said...

holy cow- those rubber bands!!! did his mouth hurt at first?

Mama Mary said...

Perfect post ~ putting all these posts together perks me up seeing my precious people ~ living in potato country! (I'm pretty tired!)