Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Overdue Post: Trip to Hurricane

We headed down to Hurricane, UT for a quick weekend visit with Mary Kathryn and her family while Mama Mary and Grand-daddy were still in the Wild, Wild West...back in early November!

On the road

It's always fun visiting with these cuties!  We're so glad we've been able to see them several times since we've moved here.

Hailey, Kyler, Kierstyn, Alexis, Meredith, Jake, Chloe, Trevin

Cute girls!

Chloe & Trev heading in to church
And of course there was LOTS of golf going on!
 Kelly & Kyler
 Kelly, Kyler, & Al

 We brought our friends, the Zollingers with us because they love to golf too!

Cutie pie Al :)

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