Thursday, April 11, 2013

50 "Favorites" from my favorite {15} year old

What's your favorite.....
1. breakfast cereal? Cinnamon Life
2. type of weather? mild
3. outfit? jeans and an American Eagle shirt
4. color? turquoise
5. thing to eat for lunch? club sandwich
6. thing to do with your dad? go to the gym
7. song? I have too many but if I have to pick one....Just Give Me a Reason by Pink
8. game? Air Hockey
9. vegetable? peas or buttered cauliflower
10. movie? Red Tails
11. restaurant? Jimmy Johns
12. day of the year? December 25th
13. Halloween costume you've worn? football player
14. tv show? Duck Dynasty
15. thing to do on a Sunday? relax
16. drink? Mountain Dew
17. fruit? blueberry
18. animal? dog
19. sports team? OKC Thunder
20. chore? laundry
21. day of the week? Friday
22. city? St. George
23. wintertime activity? snowboarding
24. ice cream topping? caramel
25. book? Baseball Great by Tim Green 
26. thing that flies? airplane
27. thing to do with your mom? ride in the car and talk
28. smell? Tobbi's lotion
29. cousin? Paxton
30. holiday? Christmas
31. form of exercise? weightlifting
32. hero? Martin Luther King, Jr.
33. electronic device? iPhone
34. thing to do with Trevin? play Mario Kart on the Wii
35. time of day? 8:05am on a school day
36. sport to play? basketball
37. store? American Eagle & Scheels
38. teacher? Mr. Huffstetler
39. subject in school? Math
40. class? Global Studies
41. web site?
42. candy bar? Snickers almond
43. place that you've lived? Malta
44. thing to do with Kierstyn? play Legos
45. dinner? bacon-wrapped steak and corn
46. thing to do on the weekend? hang out with my friends
47. video game? Black Ops 2
48. summertime activity? hang out with my friends
49. present you've ever given? picture blocks to my cousins
50. thing to do with your family? go on trips

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE 15 year old!!!!

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Meghan said...

I sure love that 15 year old!!!