Friday, August 23, 2013


My poor neglected blog.  I have to admit that Instagram has definitely edged out blogging for me. I hate that I'm not blogging but I just can't seem to make time for it. But....a big part of the reason I blog is for personal journaling/"scrapbooking" purposes. I guess a lot of my journaling will just have to be told through pictures. :)

 We had our fair share of window well critters in July. This lovely (NOT!) snake was first seen by Kierstyn as it was climbing in between Kyler's window and screen.  You should have heard the screams!
 Thankfully Kyler was brave enough to attempt a capture and kill!
Then a week or two later Kierstyn looked out her window well and found another critter. Ugh!
Trevin thought it was "cute" and wanted to keep it for a pet. He caught it and put it in a box in the garage but of course it escaped and ran under the refrigerator.  We haven't seen him since.
 The 4th of July!
I helped with the town dinner and made these cupcakes.
 Kierstyn sang at a celebration in another small town, Albion, and we enjoyed a parade and fireworks and lots of fun with friends.
 More random fun...
1. Cute Cowboy Trevin
2. Ainsly's secret hiding spot :)
3. Inventing new games to play
4. Love that sleeping boy!
Trev & I love our books!
 Trevin went to another basketball camp in Burley put on by his elementary school principal.
 Brigham City temple with the Steeds
Kierstyn went to HORSE CAMP in Utah and loved every minute of it!!!
And then there was a little princess party (fundraiser for Girls Camp)
 and a cute little princess came home to play with Kierstyn after the party...
We spent a couple of Sunday afternoons at Lake Cleveland enjoying being outside together.

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Ashley said...

Oh I love it when you blog, but I know how hard it is to keep up on! I am determined today to hash out a months' worth of posts! We need to plan a night to go to the temple together!