Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Photo-a-day

I tried another photo-a-day challenge for the month of August. I started out with a bang and then life happened and I was a bit more sporadic.  I think these challenges are a fun way to document the everyday "ordinary" things in my life.
Day 1: Hat. Trev & cousin Molli playing dress-up at Grandma's
 Day 2: Family. Grandma & all her grand babies
 Day 3: Water. Fun on the TN River!
 Day 5: Clean. Good CLEAN fun at the pool
Day 6: Black and white.  Ran by the geographical center of TN on my morning run.
 Day 7: Far away. On our way home!
 Day 8: Outdoors. First football practice of the season.
 Day 9: Favorite room. My favorite "room" isn't a room at all. I love my front porch!
Day 11: Where I stand. Back at Lake Cleveland.
 Day 12: Paper. Filling out my calendar and my calendar is filling up!
 Day 21: Texture. Check out that green, green grass (and lots of annoying weeds--ugh!)
 Day 24: Favorite candy. And yes, there are still a few left from my birthday junk food fest 4 days ago. 
Day 26: Something new. We've been in for 3+ months but it's still new to us!
 Day 27: Words. Trip to town today.
 Day 28: Routine.
 Day 31: Quiet. Jordan River Temple.

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