Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kyler's leg

***WARNING*** Graphic images not for the weak-stomached follow. ******

After playing the first 4 games of the football season, Kyler came down with staph infection in his leg and wasn't able to play the rest of the season.  It was a very painful (and disgusting) ordeal but thankfully he is healing well and should be ready to go in time for basketball season.

He took a hit to his lower calf in a game and a week later it was red and swollen and so painful that he could barely stand on it.  We drew lines around the redness.  This is the original area that was red on the Friday that we took him in to the ER. 
The redness spread all the way to the upper mark before it started to go back down.
Purple and swollen ankle.

A week later the infection was concentrated in a smaller area on the front of his calf.  We took him back to the Dr. and he cut it open to drain the pus.  The Dr. then packed his incision with gauze and we spent the next 2 weeks going back to the Dr. every few days so the packing could be changed out. It was an extremely painful process and Kyler wasn't able to walk for a week. Then it was crutches for another week before he could put much weight on it.

This last picture is towards the end of the whole process.  That little "worm" is the packing sticking out of his incision hole. He has been wearing a large bandaid for several weeks now and it has closed up some but still not completely.

Thank goodness for modern medicine, good doctors, and good drugs!

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