Monday, October 14, 2013


It looks like I've turned into a once-a-month blogger. :(  Oh, well. I guess that's better than not blogging at all....

We had a fun and eventful September!

Trevin loved riding horses at his friend Layton's house.  These 2 boys are such good friends.
 The birthday girl! I wanted to post a picture of Kierstyn on Instagram on her birthday so I took these pictures.  She didn't like either one of them.
 So then she pulled this face and said THIS was the picture she wanted me to post. Teenagers!?

What a fun week!

Every day was a different dress up day.  
(L): Ashlee & Kierstyn on Decades Day
(R): Kierstyn & Kyler on Movie Day
On Friday our elementary school held their first Fun Run (Trojans Tackle the Track). Kelly & I went early Friday morning to help set up. It was cloudy and raining and we were beginning to dread/doubt the success of the run when this beautiful rainbow appeared.  We took that as a good sign! :) 
 The rain cleared up but it stayed cool (perfect temperature) for the run all morning.  As you can see, the kids were pumped.
 (and slightly tired by the end...)
All 3 of the kids were in the Homecoming parade.  Trevin rode on the Little League football float; Kyler on the HS football float; and Kierstyn on the 7th/8th grade float.
 Homecoming game 

Also in September.....
I canned a lot of peaches.
 Trevin played in a lot of Saturday football games (and slept on the way home).
 Trev & his friend Jed enjoyed a package of jerky from Mama Mary.
Trevin brought home a super sweet paper about why Kelly and I are his favorite people in his life. :)
 I baked a pumpkin bundt cake and served it on my Grandma's crystal cake plate.


kg said...

Kiersten looks so grown up in these!!!

Denise said...

I LOVE to read your blog and see how your family is doing! Once a month is better than never...I'm about there too, except maybe a little less often. I THINK about it all the time tho...does that count?

Mama Mary said...

LOVE it! I prefer Kierstyn's pics for Instagram ~ shows her REAL beauty! Lots of fun stuff!!

amy said...

Sending an invite your way. Rock on, my friend!!