Monday, September 29, 2014

Homecoming 2014

The kids had fun dressing up all week but somehow I only managed a picture one day: Neon Day.
All the kids were in the parade on Friday. Kyler with the HS football team, Trevin with his Little League football team, & Kierstyn with the Jr. High volleyball team. Small town parades are one of my favoritest things ever!
 Jr. High volleyball team

 We played our toughest opponent of the season for Homecoming….but our boys pulled through. It poured during halftime of the JV game but as soon as the 3rd quarter started the rain stopped and there was a HUGE rainbow. 
The JV won 46-20.  The Varsity game was much closer. The other team went up 12-0 in the first few minutes but our boys played hard and came back to win 38-32! There were lots of happy Trojans on Friday night. 

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