Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week in Provo

We spent a day at Seven Peaks with our dear friends, the Palmers.
 We spent a quick few minutes (it was sooooooooo hot that day) at the "This is the Place" monument.
 We hiked the Y on the 4th of July. Brielle & Brooklyn came with us too.
Kyler & Kierstyn went to EFY (they stayed in the dorms on campus) and Trevin went to a Speed & Power Sports Camp at BYU.  Kelly was traveling for the week. I picked up Trevin every day at 8pm but I had the whole long day, every day to myself. I hiked the Y three more times, went to the Mt. Timpanogos LDS temple, ran, shopped, read, and slept. :)
On Friday night Kelly, Trevin and I hiked up to the Y to watch the sunset.

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