Monday, August 31, 2015

Hey, they say it's my birthday!

And not just ANY birthday either!!! The big 4-0 came and went and I'm still here to prove it.

Kelly treated me to a hair appointment, facial and pedicure (with MK) to make up for the fact that he was out of town on my birthday. ;)
Love my hair!
 After the spa I was instructed to go home to wait for my next surprise....which came in the form of 4 "old" ladies who showed up to sing Happy Birthday and spend a fast and furious 12 hours with me. Jewelee and her girls came from Kingman and Sadie came down from Idaho for the best surprise ever! We ate pizza and chocolate cake, toured the new house, had a serious therapy session by the pool....followed by a little diddy from the kids and the sweetest compilation of kind words from friends/family courtesy of Kierstyn's hard work. 

Just a few of my special presents...
adorable bag from Brooke
 and new Run bracelet from Natalie

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