Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Let's Build Another House {Oct 18-24}


Cabinet hardware and pendant lights (there are glass shades to come)
 Pedestal sink in 1/2 bath
 (Move that darn port-o-potty already!)
We are in business!!! They finished and filled the pool all in 1 day! This picture is taken standing on the balcony upstairs.
Banister stained & painted
 ***WE HAD A CARPET CRISIS***  :(  :(   :(
We walked in on Thursday night and the carpet guys were cutting and laying the carpet and I HATED it! It is dark and looks purple. I was so sad/sick about it.
(It's really not quite as purple as it looks in this picture, thank goodness!) 
 So first thing Friday morning we went to the carpet store and picked out something I could live with. We left the dark/purpl-y carpet upstairs for now but we picked out this one for the master bedroom and casita.
 And I like it soooooooooooooooo much better!!!!
 I LOVE our landscaping!
Not much left to do....
Lay sod, install blinds, install appliances, touch up paint, and CLEAN and then we should be in!

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Ashley said...

oh man I'm sorry about the carpet but like you said it looks good in the picture, and hopefully once you move furniture and things in it will get better. I really love everything so so much! Now you're moved in. I hope things are going well.. MIss you!