Wednesday, December 2, 2015


More cousin fun! McKenzie & Rhec came to visit for a few days. It was the first time most of us UT Meredith/Jaspersons had ever met him.
Chloe, Rhec, Kierstyn, Alexis, Brant, Jake, Hailey, & Meredith
 Oldest & youngest Meredith grandchildren
 Kyler went to Sadies
Kierstyn went to Sadies too :)
 Date night at the Pizza Factory with this handsome guy
Helaman's daughter, "Bubblegum" was in St. George for a softball tournament so Kelly took the kids over to watch her play.
 Another weekend Kierstyn's friend Peyton that she met at EFY last summer was down this way playing in a baseball tournament. We drove to Mesquite to watch him play and then she went to eat with his team and parents.
 Kyler got a new bed!

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