Thursday, December 31, 2015


Kelly made my dreams of an outdoor nativity set come true! <3 p="">
 Pictures in my front entry make me happy
 This cutie's school picture is totally adorable
 Trevin & his bestie Josh....these two have been inseparable as of late. Here they were working on their cell model projects together.
 And they went to see Star Wars together
 Early Christmas present = quick family trip to Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. It was super fun!
We did our best to look the part
 My red hair got a touch up. It definitely took some getting used to but I am loving it!
 Decorating for Christmas
 We made chocolate covered strawberries for our neighbor Christmas gifts this year. It was super easy and they were super yummy!!! Hopefully the beginning of a new tradition.
 And of course I had to make my Grandma's caramel corn
 Remembering Christmas past...they were so little!
Celebrating Christmas at home before we went to TN.
 Hailey drew Kierstyn's name in the cousin gift exchange and she MADE her this blanket!!! We are all envious!!!!!
 A favorite pic
 Another early Christmas present.....we sent the kids up to Brian Head for a day of snowboarding
 This kid :)
  We drove through Nevada's largest outdoor light display while in Vegas
Selfie on the Vegas strip
 This cool kid in all his new clothes

Oh what a year!

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