Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chickamauga Half Marathon/Kids Jr. Marathon

What a beautiful day for a race!

Rounding the corner to the finish line

Here comes Jay
Jay, Kelly, & Mike--Way to go, guys!

The kids have been logging miles since they ran the Riverbend Fun Run in June. This was the last mile to complete their "marathon."
It was a tough race for Kierstyn. (The look on her face says it all.)
See what I mean....But she did GREAT and so did Trev. He was so fast that I didn't have the camera ready to catch him in action!
He was very proud of himself. :)

Click here to see last year's race (and Kelly sporting a full beard.) :)


Quincy Sorensen said...

The cutest running family I know!

danakat said...

Congrats to all the runners!
And I am so proud of K for perservering! What a trooper!!

kg said...

Way to go Kelly, Kierstyn and Trevin!!!

Meghan said...

Wohoo!!! Why was it such a hard race for Kierstyn? I'm afraid I'll be crying in my marathon. What was Kelly's time? Cause you know, us blood Meredith's care about time. ;)

mm said...

Man, your husband is hot! :>)

J Family said...

Sweet Kierstyn!! Hey you know St. George is like the running capital!! ;) There are tons of marathons and races and a sweet family that would love to host you and put you up in a magnificient condo for way cheap... just in case you were wondering!