Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Recap

Several years ago at Christmastime, Kelly and his siblings decided to start a new gift tradition: scrapbook pages for his mom & dad. So every year we do a "family" page and each of the kids does a page as well. Every year at the beginning of December I start thinking about what to include on our page.....and every year I think, "I should have jotted down our activities/accomplishments/etc. as we go" would make things so much easier. Thank goodness for the blog---it has been helpful to go back and look through the year to see what we were each up to. But that, of course, takes a lot of time. So this year I'm going to attempt a quick recap at the end of each month. (Then I'll only have to look back at 12 blog posts.)

Here goes.....
*played his new Didj gamesystem
*wrestling practices 2x/week and tournaments on the weekend
*reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid--all by himself!
*played in the SNOW!

*started "preteam" gymastics=Dynamites (2x/week for 2 hrs.)...she is getting stronger fast
*preparing for the Spelling Bee....which got postponed (due to snow)
*piano lessons...playing "I Walk by Faith"
*played in the SNOW!

*participated in the 5th-8th grade Spelling Bee
*Piano & Scouts on Wed. nights
*Chess club
*went to Miami w/Kelly for the ProBowl

*helped out at wrestling practice
*Church responsibilities
*went to Miami for the ProBowl

*stay-at-home mom again!
*Eat-from-the-pantry challenge
*new Primary class: 5 & 6 year olds
*working on new "assignment": Stake Girls Camp Certification specialist


mm said...

Impressive! Never get enough of your recounting your beautifully busy lives! :>)

J Family said...

I had the same feeling as I JUST wrapped my pages up for this past year- geez!! And my life isn't even as busy as your life.

karen said...

Love this idea. I also see you are going to camp. Have fun!

gretchen said...

Great idea Jen!