Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chattanooga fun with Mama Mary & Grand-daddy

We had a super awesome, jam-packed full of fun two days with MM and GD who brought McKenzie's 3 oldest down to Chattanooga to visit after Christmas. The boys got some wrestling in, we visited the Aquarium, went out to eat lots, had sleepovers, swam in the hotel pool, played the cookie game, and all sorts of other fun! I'm thinking we should make this trip a tradition. :)

Come back soon!


Jennifer M. said...

How fun!!! We'll definitely need to show ours when they wake up. They love all of the pictures!!! :) Thanks for posting!

Mama Mary said...

It was a FUN weekend. Lots of laughs! Thank you for your hospitality and adult conversations! Very therapeutic! Ha! You have the same pictures as I. . . now I don't need to blog! THANK YOU!!!!