Monday, April 4, 2011

These are the days of our lives...

Balance. Finding a balance seems to be an ever-increasing difficult task in these times. Doing too much is a bad thing. Doing too little isn't a good thing either. Sports, music, school, church, Scouts, etc. How much is too much?

I've never tried to hide the fact that doing too much makes me CrAzY! I get all stressed which makes me grumpy which makes me short with my kids....which is definitely not a good thing. So I have always tried my best to keep a balance of what my kids want/need to do and what I can reasonably handle.

This year I declared a boycott against baseball season. Last year both of the boys played on teams and Kelly coached (and Kierstyn was his awesome assistant). We were at the ballfields 4 nights a week and often very late on school nights. It was just too much. It took some convincing on my part but I finally won. :)

But then Kierstyn came home from school with a flyer wanting to play volleyball at the Y. And when I looked at the flyer, I noticed that Trevin could play soccer there too. (Same place, same Sat. games, etc.) So I signed them up. Oh, and in the meantime Kierstyn tried out for the Spring Musical at school....and made it.

Yesterday I finally sat down with volleyball, soccer, and play practice schedules in hand to fill out my calendar for the next 2 months. Yeah, it pretty much looks like someone threw up on my calendar. :) Don't forget to add in piano lessons, the Spring Concert, the Cultural Dance Celebration in Atlanta that Kyler is participating in, wrestling, and Scouts. And the fact that Kelly is gone for the next 3 weeks.

But I have decided that this is ok for now. These are the days of our lives....they are busy and boy are they full, but they are busy and full with good things. As long as I keep things in perspective (and give myself the occasional attitude check) I think we are going to be just fine.

And so last Saturday we began our sports Saturdays. Trevin played in his first ever soccer game and was fast as lightning out on that field. After the game Trevin asked his coach if he could play goalie at the next game. The coach's response: "Absolutely NOT! We need you out on that field!" :)And Kierstyn played in her first ever volleyball game. She served it over the net twice(!) and was good at calling "Mine!" when the ball came near her. I should add that she is the smallest on her team; she is playing with 10-13 year olds!
It really is fun seeing my kids try new things and discovering what they like and don't like. I love having my whole family cheer on the one who is participating. These are the days of our lives...and I love them!


Mama Mary said...

"Jeannie" from the I dream of Jeannie show was on one of the morning shows today. How I wish I had her "powers" and could blink myself to all these sporting events and join you in being a spectator. I do hope we can make it to watch at least one or two of their games. L & L are playing ball and M & H are doing soccer. We'll be busy running between fields here - but I don't have to be concerned about keeping uniforms cleaned etc. :>) In all honesty - I miss those day of our lives. . . happy to continue as a spectator watching the days of your lives! You have a great attitude about it all. . .enjoy!!

J Family said...

I think that is one of the hardest decisions as a parent. I wish my kids had a little bit more of me in them where they had no interests in anything extra at all. As of now we just have piano, violin, and dance. We have realized that we probably won't be doing dance anymore- another advantage of trying things out. This summer will start up more golf for Alexis and possibly even races for both girls. Luckily when we get soccer and baseball flyers sent home my kids are the first to throw them away. :) I am sure that will change and for now I am enjoying this slower pace of crazy. :) You are a good mom to let them dip their toes in so much to find their interests- and you did say no baseball not soccer or volleyball! :)

kg said...

Happy thoughts....remember just a while ago you posted about how glad you were to be in this 'stage' of your life...I'm glad you're finding peace among the super, duper busy schedule! But can't you find a day to come to Madison for a visit..wasn't Kelly coming and where is he going for three weeks!