Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Birthday Boy/Bobcat

Pancakes for breakfast
presents :),
Omlets for lunch, turkey burgers for dinner, and brownies & ice cream for the birthday boy
It was a good day!

Trevin worked hard last week to learn the Cub Scout Promise, salute, the Law of the Pack, etc so that he could earn his Bobcat at his first Pack Meeting this week. He did it!

He is soooooooooo excited for his big baptism 3 more days!


Dawn, said...

Ahhh, so excited for him... this is an exciting time for MILLIONS of good reasons!

Mama Mary said...

Wow, I'm moved to tears. What a great accomplishment! Love his buff Dad hanging him upside down! Are all Dad's capable of doing that? :>) What handsome men you "hang" around with! Excited as well for his big day! He is well prepared! Thanks for being the best Mom ever for K, K and T.

Quincy Sorensen said...

Now that is a cute 8-year-old and a very fun birthday!