Friday, July 22, 2011

UPDATE: Our Summer 2011 Bucket List

Summer is quickly coming to an end :( so I guess it's time to re-evaluate our bucket list and see what we can squeeze into the next 2 1/2 weeks. I'd say we've done pretty good so far!

Our {Updated} Summer 2011 Bucket List

Go to Gatlinburg
Finish Harry Potter books {Mom} (*I'm ready for Book 5)
Learn how to make a dress {Kierstyn}
Invite friends over
Go out on boat/Go wakeboarding
Have a party or sleepover
Go to M'boro
Creative Girls activities {Kierstyn}
Paint my bedroom {Mom}
Go to Soddy water area
Go out for donuts
Go see Smurfs movie
Diving Camp {Kierstyn}
Scout Camp {Kyler}
Wrestling Camp {Trevin}
Do lots of cousin switcheroos
Babysit {Kierstyn}
Go to Florida
Earn my Wolf badge {Trevin}
Go on a family camping trip


Denise said...

I want you to know I think you are a wonderful mom and have a GREAT family! Kudos on the nearly finished bucket list!

Meghan said...

I second Denise- you are a wonderful mom!!

Kimberly Cone said...

K bbsat for me on the last gno! You can check that off.