Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

We had originally planned to take a trip to St. Louis this summer to visit our dear family friends, the Palmers, but because of some things that came up at work that didn't pan out for us. :( However, we did get to take an unexpected trip to Florida instead. :)

As I mentioned previously, Kyler did NOT want to leave we let him stay an extra week and then he eventually met us in Orlando (his first solo flight--eeek!). He had such a fun time with our friends, the Hitts--helping the boys move hand lines, camping, etc. He wants to move to Idaho and be a cowboy now! :)

Our trip to Florida began with a detour to Jekyll Island, GA, (after Kelly made a visit to a customer just outside of Savannah). It was an interesting place and we enjoyed finding shells and sand dollars and hermit crabs galore! If the weather had been nicer I think we would have really enjoyed a bike ride around the island.

After one night at Jekyll Island we drove down to Daytona Beach where Kierstyn and Trevin absolutely LOVED jumping the ocean waves and playing in the sand. We also rode the ferris wheel and took walks along the boardwalk.After a couple days in Daytona it was time to head to Orlando where we were finally reunited with Kyler! :) Picking him up at the airport at midnight:We went to church in Clermont (where we used to live) on Sunday. We moved away 7 years ago and it was fun to see some familiar faces at church. We had a great time visiting with our friends, the Lowes, that evening.

The next couple of days we enjoyed our wonderful hotel: swimming, mini golf, kids activities, etc. while Kelly went to work. We also managed a trip to the outlet malls, dinner at Kobe Steak House, and the Lego store. We introduced our kids to the game of Life (Trevin was a Dr. both times we played!) and just enjoyed being together.

Kyler got a lot of sleeping in....Idaho must have really worn him out!Kierstyn and Trevin loved the Hideaway Cove with Ms. Suzy and Kierstyn's new friend from England. They colored pictures, huluhooped, and made these fantastic hatsAnd all too soon it was time to come home...


Kimberly Cone said...

Idaho summers are great. I wonder what he'd think if he visited in the dead of winter. haha. Glad y'all had a great trip in Florida.

Mama Mary said...

I LOVE reading about your family adventures! Kyler ~ what can I say about this man/child?!?!? He is still cute when he sleeps. LOVE those hats Kierstyn and Trevin are wearing ~ and they made those?? Great posts.

Natalie said...

We sure missed you coming to St. Louis but it looks like you enjoyed a fantastic week in Florida!

I would have picked the beach over St. Louis any day!!! :)