Monday, March 5, 2012

A baby, a baptism, & Vegas

After a looooong flight delay, I finally made it to Vegas where Kelly had been waiting for me. Our original plan to go to Red Rock Canyon was nixed since it was 6:30 and dark by the time I got there. We did meet some friends for dinner though which was fun.

The next day we drove to St. George, through the gorge. (Is that what you called it, MK?)
We came to visit Kelly's sister and her family. They have lots of cute little people running around at their house. :) It was our first time to meet baby Meredith. She was so, so good and I could seriously nibble those cheeks all day. (Paxton, you can be the cutest baby boy but Meredith is the cutest baby girl.) See what I could I not eat her up?!Mama Mary was there too! Jake & Chloe look like twins but she is actually a year older than he is.It took Jake a little while to warm up but he ended up liking us just fine. It didn't hurt that we had cool phones and an iPad.
These two big girls were a hoot! So grown up. They rode with us to the hotel and immediately broke in our bed with a full 10 minutes of jumping on the bed.On Saturday we took a trip to see the golf course where Adam works. Chloe and Jake rode home with us and they both fell asleep.This sweet thing was the reason for our trip.....Alexis got baptized!We are so glad we could be there!

Saturday afternoon we headed back to Vegas. We stayed at a very nice hotel and went to see a Cirque du Soleil show that evening. It was awesome.


kg said...

Did you go in that big tub ;)

Meghan said...

first of all... that hotel room was spiffy!!! why weren't there any comment???? ;)

Oh Meredith is ADORABLE!!! She is got the sweetest cheeks ever! I hope you loved on her extra for me. Paxton understands :)

I am so glad you posted these pictures. Thank you. I just love blogs- for the main purpose of connecting with love ones.

Jen said...

Haha...yes, I did go in the bathtub. After taking almost half an hour to fill up I was extremely disappointed that the jets didn't work! :(

Mary Kathryn said...

Yes, it is called the gorge. :)

We loved having you guys here and making those memories. My kids miss you guys!!

Thank you for everything we loved having you guys here-- and I am so glad your second night in Vegas was much more of a success. :)

Mama Mary said...

Great weekend! Thank you so much for attending Alexis' baptism ~ you guys added to the perfectness of it for sure! Good times! OXOXOXO