Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trevin's Birthday Celebration

My baby turns 9 in a couple of days! I guess he's not really my baby.... :(

Two years ago we instituted the Meredith Birthday Plan and I'm happy to report that it's been a raving success. This year Trevin decided to invite a friend to play miniature golf and sleep over (so he can use the rest of his money to buy a new iPod). Last Friday night Kyler was camping and Kierstyn spent the night with a friend so Trevin had the night all to himself!

These two are best buds. They have a lot of fun together!...and can be quite silly.
After mini golf we came home and had cake. Then they watched a movie and stayed up way too late.
Just like every good birthday celebration should be!


Mama Mary said...

Happy, happy 9th Birthday, Trevin!! And, YES! Jen, he will always be your baby ~ and a precious one at that!!! Great kid. Great smile. LOVE you Trev!!

Dawn, said...

We SOOOO jumped on your Meredith Birthday GENIUS and do the same thing now... it has worked brilliantly! So nice to see them plan and budget their own birthday schemes and it has taught them so much in the process. Happy Birthday Trevin!!