Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The House on Commercial St.

Yesterday my 96 year old Grandma Dirks left the home she had lived in for 71 years to go to the nursing home. Today I've been thinking about her sweet little house and all the memories that were made there.  Her strawberry patch, rolling down the hill in the backyard, swinging from the clothesline, the beautiful wooden front door, sitting on the back porch with Grandpa, secret hide-aways in the attic/upstairs, jumping from bed to bed, getting my foot stuck in the exercise bike, the huge evergreen trees decorated with Christmas lights, sliding down the carpeted steps, eating carmel pecan rolls in the kitchen, riding the electric chair down to the basement, etc.  I'll admit I've been a little sad today thinking about her not being there anymore.  So when Kelly told me last minute that he needed some cookies for a youth activity tonight I pulled out Grandma's oatmeal cookie recipe.  I feel a little better now.

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kg said...

I'm sorry :( It's hard when grandparents life takes them away from their homes, it was very hard for all of us when my Mimi & Granddad left too. What a great way to lift your spirits, wish I could sample one!