Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend trip: Rexburg & Craters of the Moon

We've been wanting to get over to Rexburg (home of BYU-Idaho) for months and finally made it.  We were able to take a friend of Kyler's from TN out to dinner.  There's nothing better than taking a starving college student out to eat! :)
Saturday morning Kelly and I got up early so we could go to the Rexburg temple.

 We came back to the hotel to get the kids up and ready and then ran into another friend from TN going to school at BYU-I and her mother who was visiting at the hotel breakfast!  We left Rexburg around 10 and after running out of gas about 25 miles out of town and waiting for a nice man to come bring us some gas we were really on our way...

We had a fun time hiking and exploring the caves.

 Indian Tunnel was the coolest one.  We were able to hike from one end to the other.

 Roadtripping and being outside with my family is my favorite thing to do!