Sunday, September 8, 2013

50 "Favorites" from my favorite {13} year old

What's your favorite.....
1. breakfast cereal? Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2. type of weather? snow
3. outfit? my dress that I wore when I sang at the fair
4. color? neon
5. thing to eat for lunch? macaroni and cheese
6. thing to do with your dad? go shopping
7. song? All About Us by He is We
8. game? Mafia
9. vegetable? carrots
10. movie? Safe Haven
11. restaurant? Hard Rock Cafe
12. day of the year? September 8th
13. Halloween costume you've worn? Toddlers & Tiaras
14. tv show? Heartland
15. thing to do on a Sunday? read
16. drink? Mountain Dew
17. fruit? mango
18. animal? horse
19. sports team? Raft River Trojans
20. chore? vacuum
21. day of the week? Saturday
22. city? Malta
23. wintertime activity? snowboarding
24. ice cream topping? gummy bears
25. book? The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks 
26. thing that flies? airplane
27. thing to do with your mom? watch American Idol
28. smell? gasoline
29. cousin? Mia
30. holiday? Christmas
31. form of exercise? conditioning
32. hero? Mr. B
33. electronic device? the computer
34. thing to do with Trevin? play Legos
35. time of day? 11:15am (lunch time)
36. sport to play? volleyball
37. store? Maurices
38. teacher? Mr. Wohl
39. subject in school? Math
40. class? Advisory
41. web site?
42. candy bar? Snickers
43. place that you've lived? Malta
44. thing to do with Kyler? go snowboarding
45. dinner? Cafe Rio & cowboy quesadillas
46. thing to do on the weekend? ride horses
47. video game? Minion Rush
48. summertime activity? going to Steadman's
49. present you've ever given? the nursery rhyme quilt I made for grandma
50. thing to do with your family? go hiking

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE 13 year old!!!!

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