Monday, September 9, 2013

Raft River v. Declo: Game 1

Trevin is playing Little League football again this year and we are off to a good start!  We have 2 Raft River teams: a 6th grade team & a 5th grade team.  We have enough 5th graders for a team but not enough 6th graders or 4th graders so we had to split our 5th graders up between the 2 teams. Trevin is playing on the 6th grade team as the quarterback and Kelly is the coach. :) He's wearing #15 again this year.

We played Declo on Saturday which should be our toughest competition.  It was a close, hard-fought game (with some very questionable 4th down calls and some unfair clock keeping) that ended in a 12-12 tie.  Kelly was so proud of the boys and they were pretty excited themselves!

in the huddle with their cute coach :)
handoff to Jed
 Go Team!

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