Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It just wouldn't be Halloween without our annual Halloween dinner and pumpkin carving family night. I hope the kids never get too old for this!

mummy dogs
 Halloween jello jigglers
 Pumpkin carving fun
 left to right: Trevin, Kierstyn, Kyler, & Jen
I've got some pretty talented pumpkin carvers.
 I was in charge of food for Trevin's Halloween party at school. These deviled egg eyeballs were a big hit.
 At school Bodee was some guy from the movie Cool Runnings and Trevin was a blind referee...
 but they changed into their "stick men" costumes to go trick-or-treating.

 Kierstyn stayed home to pass out candy in her Tinkerbell costume. :)
 On Wednesday night the youth had a huge 5-ward Halloween party in Almo. Kierstyn and her friends had a group costume that night--they were each a different "app."
Ashlee, Kierstyn, MaKae, Hannah, & Lacey
During Halloween week I posted several Halloween throwback pictures of the kids in their costumes over the years. What fun to look back and remember!

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