Monday, March 2, 2015

West Indies Picture Overload

Our long-awaited Great Escapes trip to Nevis, West Indies finally arrived. We went a day early and spent a night on St. Kitts with Allen & Tami before meeting up with the whole group.

Marriott at St. Kitts

 It was nice to have a day to adjust. The weather was mostly cloudy and rainy but we had a couples massage at the hotel so it was all good. :)

We left the hotel and took a taxi to meet the car ferry to get over to Nevis. 
On the drive our cab driver explained that (in the picture below) on the left is the Atlantic Ocean and on the right is the Carribbean Sea.
 Our cab driver literally dropped us off at a hut in the middle of nowhere with all our luggage and then drove off. This picture doesn't really do the situation justice but we were all wondering what we had just done.
Riding the ferry
 Thankfully our cab driver hooked us up with CJ who was taking the ferry across with his van. When we got to Nevis, CJ (and his family that was in the van with him) drove us to the hotel.

Arriving in Nevis
 We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort which was FANTASTIC!
 We enjoyed several beautiful sunsets.
 There was a golf course adjacent to the resort with a walking trail that we used. Nevis is inhabited by lots and lots of monkeys and a lot of them could be found near the golf course.
 Our first excursion was a snorkeling/beach trip over towards St. Kitts.
 Arriving at our "private beach resort"

And here are some more pool/beach/sunset pictures from our hotel.

 The last night was the fancy awards dinner. 

 And all too soon it was time to say good-bye to this tropical paradise. (I seriously could have used another day.) 
Riding the ferry back over to St. Kitts to go to the airport.

 I'm already counting down to our next Great Escapes trip in February 2017 to COSTA RICA! :)

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