Sunday, September 20, 2015

Let's Build Another House {Sept. 13-19}

 The inside is painted!
 The whole house is the same color except for the master suite which is blue
 Bathroom tile floor & tiled shower walls
Boys bathroom
 Casita bathroom
 The back of the house has the color stucco layer (this is the finished look)
 Still waiting for the finish stucco color on the front
 We ordered couches for downstairs!!! With some luck they might be ready by the time we move in. :)
The bottom denim/gray is the color of the couches; the patterned fabrics are the throw pillows.

This week we are moving out of our current rental and into another one....aghhhhhh! Hopefully 6-7 more weeks (fingers crossed!) and we'll be in our home.

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Ashley said...

I can't imagine how busy crazy this all is. Such a bummer you have to move again and again, but soon you will be settled. I love the colors. And can't believe how soon you will be in it. Fun to see Kierstyn this weekend. Wish you could have been here :-(