Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let's Build Another House {Sept. 6-12}

1st Stucco coat!
 Color sample for stucco (yes, it's pretty much exactly the same color as the 1st stucco coat)
 Track for pool cover installed
 They also finally starting roofing! It's hard to get a picture close up so here is one farther away. Maybe you can zoom in a little and see it better...
 AND............EXCITING!!!!!!!! They painted the inside!!!!!!!!!!!! They worked late every day last week (we can't go in when there are workers there) so I wasn't able to go inside until Sunday night. There was a storm coming and it was really cloudy (and dark inside) so I couldn't get any pictures but the whole inside is painted!!! I'll try to get pictures this week. :)

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