Thursday, October 1, 2015


Finally got my hands on a few peaches. These won't last long.
 Cute new haircut
 Meghan came for a quick visit! So fun to spend some time with her. Her friend Chad and his 3 kids came too and we all went to watch the sunset at Dixie Rock.
 Had to take Kyler to get an immunization that we somehow missed. In the elevator I noticed the boys' shirts...Coast to Coast, haha!
 Catching up on blog book making
 Kyler and some friends drove up to Provo for the BYU v. BSU game. They stayed at Chad's house and had a little fun with this wig.
 Kierstyn is finally learning to play her guitar. :) 
 Trevin won a Crossfit competition at the park. He won a t-shirt, $10 to Yogurtland and $10 to Swig!
Last Saturday Kierstyn volunteered at a Suicide Prevention Walk. I dropped her off early that morning and got to see this awesome hot air balloon on my way home.
 School pictures
 We attended a moon watching party to see the red moon/lunar eclipse. It was really cool.
We made our own Kneaders French toast complete with caramel syrup and homemade fresh whipping cream (thanks to Kierstyn) and strawberries (cut up skillfully by Trevin). It was delicious but even more fun because we all worked together.

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