Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tender Tennessee Christmas

After missing our family so badly last year, we decided we'd head to Tennessee for Christmas this year. With this being Kyler's last year at home we figured we'd better go while we can. The weather did not disappoint with temperatures in the 70s nearly all week. We could've done without the tornado warnings, rain, and flash flooding though. We had a most excellent time with everyone!

Christmas Eve at Grandma's house
Schlick cousins
Kyler reminds me of my brother in so many ways--personality, mannerisms, even the way he stands. They don't look so much alike when standing next to each other but I swear they could be twins.
 Christmas Eve jammies!
Kelly couldn't put this thing (Trevin's present) down. It's like a Rubix cube.
 Christmas at the Merediths
Kierstyn organized the 1st Annual Meredith Cousins Christmas Talent Show. We were definitely WOWED by all the talent!

Followed by the Nativity production
 I am blessed to share the same name with this beautiful lady

Warm enough for shorts and t-shirts!
Christmas Dinner at TGIFridays
 My handsome boys
 I visited my 12th temple of the year (in Nashville)

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