Thursday, June 7, 2012

House Tour

Ok, here goes....the house tour. :)  Before I begin I must say that this rental is better than I had anticipated.  I arrived sight-unseen and although it is a bit cozy (the mover kept saying, "Wow, they are really downsizing."), it suits our needs for the time being.  The one bathroom scenario hasn't been too bad owing to the facts that 1. Kyler is rarely home and 2. Trevin prefers to relieve himself out back by the old chicken coop.  So most of the time it hasn't been too much of an issue.

The outside.  The door on the front opens up to the living room/kitchen.  The door on the right goes into the garage.
{cute sign my friend Debbie from Chattanooga gave me before we left}
Standing in the front door looking straight ahead.  To the right is the kitchen.  To the left is a half-wall and then the living room.  Down the hallway slightly left and straight ahead are 1 1/2 bedrooms and the bathroom/laundry area.  The door towards the right side of the picture behind the lamp leads to the stairs down to the basement which we are only using for storage (slightly scary).
 Living room
 Kitchen/dining area
Our makeshift dining table until we find one we love :)
Pantry (which I love except for the weird 3-door configuration)

Standing in the kitchen (past the refrigerator) looking into the garage/Kelly's makeshift home office.  He'll be moving down to the scary basement soon.  The boys room is just to the left.
The boys room.  It's pretty "rough" but it will do for the summer.

Back in the house, this is the one lone bathroom.  Sink to the right directly across from the shower.  Toilet to the left behind the door.  Slight left and straight ahead is the laundry area.

Laundry room

Kierstyn's (messy) room.  It's pretty tiny and there's no closet but she likes it.

 The "master" bedroom.  That's the community closet towards the back right. :)
 Standing in the closet.  Not too pretty but it's functional.


Mary said...

Not so bad and of course you have already made it "HOME"! Impressive. Helps to have an inside visual ~ so far I've just had the mental picture of Trevin in a dirt hole filled with water . . . and a VERY happy face! OXOXOX

Kara said...

what a new adventure! When we come out to Idaho next summer we'll have to stop by and visit ya'll:) Fyi...katelyn will be in rexburg in the fall!

kg said...

Yeah, not bad at all! Thanks for the tour and there's even a basement?

Kimberly Cone said...

That's not bad at all. Thanks for sharing it:)

McKenzie said...

You can make any place look great! Thanks for the tour. We can now visualize where you are! Now just need to plan a visit!

Debbie said...

I am so impressed I made the blog! I wanted to get you a sign that said "Chattanooga", but she didn't have any.